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• Multiple Modes - 12 Customizable levels of suction intensity and red light temarature

• 7 Day Battery Life - Can be used wirelessly and only needs to be charged every 7 days

• 20 Minute Timer

• One Key Pressure Release


No More Knots, Aches and Pains - The TAVO Cupping Therapy Massager incorporates a dynamic breathing technology, which increases blood circulation to the area, accelerates recuperation, and relieves uncomfortable knots and muscle pains. It is simply the most effective remedy for relieving muscle tension by increasing blood flow to the suction area and promoting long-term recovery in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere.


Maximize Recovery With Increased Blood Circulation -  The TAVO Cupping Therapy Massager is designed to improve blood flow with heated technology and suctioning techniques allowing you to recover faster. Improving blood flow is imperative for relieving pain by driving nutrients to the area and promoting healing.


Detoxify and Improve Cellular Immunity - The TAVO Cupping Therapy Massager red light treatment penetrates the desired area and amplifies healthier cellular immunity by removing toxins from the body.


Say Goodbye to Scars, Fine Lines and Cellilite - The TAVO Cupping Therapy Massager is the first clinically proven at-home cupping device that safely and effectively removes cellulite and stubborn fat, improves the appearance of dimples, and tightens up the skin.

Cupping Therapy Massager

  • Dynamic - Smart - Red Light Cupping Therapy Massager is an All-In-One device that combines: cupping, massage, hot compress and scraping.

    • Reduces Inflammation, Knots and Pain - Dynamic smart cupping and red light helps alleviate pain.

    • Recover Faster - Cupping increases circulation to the area to speed up recovery.

    • Release Toxins - Cupping creates new blood flow and helps release toxins.

    • Improve Cellular Immunity - Red light therapy supports healthy cellular immunity.

    • Improve Blood Flow and Mobility - Helps to relax and contract muscles to assist in mobility and performance.

    • Smooths Cellulite and Fine Lines - By bringing blood flow to the area, cupping smooths away cellulite, scar tissues & fine lines. Sculpts and tightens skin, reduces circumferential fat quickly with long-lasting results.

    For Additional Information please visit our FAQ section and click on cupping at the top of the page.

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