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60 Capsules

Immediate Release


Suggested dosing: Consistency is key to feel full benefits.

The standard recommended dose is 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening.


TB4 frag provides the body with many benefits that aim to protect it from injury and help it recover more quickly. While the body has the ability to heal on its own, when that healing is aided by the use of TB4 frag, it can return you to a sense of normalcy more quickly. It can also compensate for deficiencies in the body that may prevent it from completing these natural processes. Specifically, TB4 frag helps:

• Boost the immune system – With its ability to help increase the white blood cell count, this supplement can help boost the body’s natural defenses against harmful germs and bacteria.

• Improves heart health – The heart has the ability to repair itself, albeit at a very slow pace. Unfortunately, the muscles and tissue that are harmed as a result of a heart attack are not among the parts that are naturally repaired. However, TB4 frag may help in some of these areas and improve overall heart health.

• Promotes good liver health – When the liver is damaged, repair can be difficult. TB4 frag has an innate ability to help with the regeneration of tissue, which can promote liver health.

• Aids in healing wounds – When you are injured, your body takes time to heal the wound naturally. TB4 frag can help accelerate this process.

• Improves eye health – The eye is a delicate part of the body that has natural defense mechanisms but is still subject to injury. TB4 frag can help protect the eye and help it heal when it does suffer injury.

• Promotes nerve regeneration – With its ability to help in cell regeneration and healthy growth, TB4 frag helps the nervous system respond to injuries by supporting the regrowth of nerves.

• Improves brain health – The protective and regenerative nature of TB4 frag helps several areas of the body, including the brain. As it helps with cellular development, it can help reduce blood clots in the body, which also helps to protect the brain against strokes or other traumatic brain injuries.

TB4-FRAG Peptide


    In addition to these benefits, it can also help to improve the lungs, help balance blood sugar levels and help to improve blood pressure.  TB4 frag can also help facilitate the development of cells while also encouraging cell migration. Its usage can help improve the ability of the heart to receive and transmit oxygen throughout the cells of the body. It works to help the heart function as it was intended.

    When the heart is functioning as it should, its ability to generate T cells through hormone production can help improve the body’s immune system. In addition, TB4 frag helps the body to produce B cells. This, in turn, helps the plasma cells create antibodies.

    TB4-frag usage has long been a component of many recommended treatments by medical professionals as an aid for recovering from injury. It has been a favorite of professional athletes to help them stay at peak performance. In addition, TB4 frag can be used to help treat the following conditions:

    ​• Arthritis – A benefit of the TB4 frag peptide is that it helps to combat inflammation. This can include inflammation of the joints, which is better known as arthritis.

    • Blood Clots – With its benefit to overall heart health, TB4 frag can help to improve the cells in the body and treat blood clots that may have formed.

    • Tissue Damage – Soft tissue injuries are quite common as a result of both accidents and surgeries. When damage occurs to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, TB4 frag can help facilitate the overall tissue generation and healing process, improving its speed and efficacy. It may also help reduce the chances of scarring.

    • Autoimmune Disease – Because it helps to improve the body’s immune system, TB4 frag may assist with improving the fight against autoimmune diseases. This includes Lyme disease and even some traumatic brain injuries.

    • Cardiovascular and Neurological Damage – With its ability to promote new blood cell creation, TB4 frag can help to improve cardiovascular and neurological health.

    ​These benefits are just a few of the ways TB4 frag could help you improve your recovery, disease resistance and overall health and wellness. In addition to these, TB4 frag may also calm muscle fiber stress, improve muscle tone, assist with body flexibility, help cells exchange nutrients and other substances and more.

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