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Zenon Konopka is a former professional ice hockey player. Also known as "Zenon the Destroyer", Konopka played for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Minnesota Wild, and Buffalo Sabres during his National Hockey League career.

At TAVO Health, our mission is to empower individuals on their journey to optimal well-being.

We believe that true healing comes from within, and our commitment is to provide you with

high-quality peptides crafted with care and backed by science.


We third party test our supplements for quality and purity to ensure you are getting the most beneficial product on the market.

From the experts...

Dr. HeatherSmith Fernandez

Board-certified anesthesiologist and fellowship-trained interventional pain medicine physician, Dr. Heather is one of only two physicians in the world licensed to use a proprietary and powerful cell preparation technique for orthopedic and spine conditions using a patient’s own regenerative cells. In addition to this highly-sophisticated technology, she also practices Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM), which primarily focuses on non-surgical methods to restore function, regenerate tissue and alleviate orthopedic and musculoskeletal pain, often where conventional medicine has failed. Dr. Heather is also fully trained and certified in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, advanced biocelluar aesthetics, Integrative medicine, and preventative health. In 2016, she opened the Regenerative Institute of Medicine, where she and her team practice a truly integrated approach for total health, orthobiologic (including PRP and stem cell-rich biocellular preparation) treatments for joint and spine conditions as well as very advanced cellular therapies for facial aesthetics. Also a fully trained and certified SaJune provider, Dr. Heather practices restorative and regenerative medicine as the only official SaJune affiliate. Using the tools that have been proven at SaJune for 13 years and for over 11,000 patients, she has helped her patients correct and reverse chronic fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, joint point, anxiety, depression, mental fog, pain, and low sex drive-all while reducing or eliminating prescription medications. Finally, Dr Heather is the Founder of Peptology®- a trademarked set of protocols for the clinical application of peptides. Dr. Heather graduated in the first ever class of physicians trained and certified in peptide medicine, and has conducted leading research in the field of peptides for her patients. She utilizes Peptides in all areas of her practice for her patients. and Dr Heather one of the leading peptides experts in the world, lecturing throughout the United States, and training & certifying other physicians and providers through her online training, and in-person workshops. Dr. Heather’s unique medical background, coupled with her strong connections and pioneering contributions to her industry, make her one of the most sought-after regenerative medical doctors in the country.

Gary Brecka

With more than 20 years of Bio-Hacking and functional medicine experience, he is obsessed with the function and performance of the human body and finding innovative ways to help people achieve absolute peak function in their own bodies. He works with a hand-picked clinical team of Board-Certified physicians (M.D.’s), PhD researchers, business leaders, functional medicine experts, motivators, and scientists with one relentless uncover the safest and fastest way to optimize your mind, body, and spirit through modern science. Included work as a mortality-modeling expert in the insurance industry, using medical records and demographic data to predict mortality (how soon someone would die) to the month. Yes, to the month. Upon leaving this career Gary deepened his interest in blood chemistry, and the longevity-biomarkers found in human blood work. This lead to launching his obsessive and relentless pursuit of ways to improve and extend life by optimizing these bio-markers. Simply put, Gary began a worldwide search for the ultimate ways to optimize human life and stop the aging process. As a former competitive tri-athlete and consultant, Gary has worked with everyone from CEOs to professional athletes from the UFC, NFL, Professional Boxing, and entertainment industries, and now lives to bring you science-based, research-backed tools to live your best life.

Dr. Kathleen O'Neil-Smith

Kathleen O’Neil-Smith, MD, FAARM is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston University School of Medicine. She completed postgraduate training in pathology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital and internal medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She has a degree in exercise physiology and has been an athlete on the national rowing team for 40 years and a coach for six years. She has worked as an office and hospital-based internist. In 2006, she shifted to Functional and Regenerative Medicine after completing a two-year fellowship at A4M. She completed a stem cell certification through A4M and a TBI certification through AMMG. Dr. O’Neil-Smith has been teaching at many Regenerative Medicine Conferences on many topics ranging from gut health to brain health, as well as peak performance. She is a founder of the International Peptide Society and the Clinical Peptide Society. Her current focus and interest is in expanding clinicians’ understanding of the largest sensory organ in the body, fascia! She has extensive personal use of IV nutritional therapy and medicinal signaling therapies (MST) such as hormones, peptides and stem cells in her private medical practice. She also treated her only son with peptides and MST’s when told he had a severe TBI and that the prognosis was slim that he would return to normal function. He recently graduated with a math degree, two years after that TBI. She has had a direct access practice in Functional, Integrative and Regenerative Internal Medicine in Boston for over twelve years. Dr O’Neil-Smith is an international thought leader in the clinical use of MST’s and peptide therapy. She is an innovative and compassionate doctor. Her teaching style is approachable, friendly and creative. She makes complex ideas simple, which is a testimony to her early career as a high school and college science teacher prior to going to medical school.

Dr. Seeds is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon practicing medicine for over 27 years, and the Founder and Medical Director of the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Mastermind. He has been honored at the NFL Hall of Fame for his medical expertise and in treating professional athletes, and serves as Professional Medical Consultant for the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars. Dr. Seeds is also a medical researcher, and continues to write and publish on the NIH and other medical journals. He is also the author of Peptide Protocols Vol.1, the world’s first handbook about peptides written for practitioners. Today at the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute, he is dedicated to bringing Cellular Medicine and the study of Epigenome to the forefront of the medical community through research, training, and improved patient outcomes.

More from the experts...


It's so, effective my clinical team has put thousands of patients on BPC-157, never with any adverse event.

Gary Brecka

Human Biologist, biohacker, researcher, and an anti-aging and longevity expert.


BPC-157 can be used to heal the gut, for wound healing, for regeneration of nerves, and for concussion recovery.


Dr. Kathleen O'Neil-Smith, MD, FAARM


Commonly used for joint injury, bone injury, muscle injury and wound healing.

Alexander Zubkov, MD, PhD

Integrative Neurologist


BPC-157 brings the body into homeostasis. It's incredibly powerful at healing tissue.

Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez, MD


BPC-157 is remarkable.

Dr. Andrew Huberman



Peptides will repair the body in ways that is just exceptional, cartilage regrowth, wound healing, gut healing…

Daniel Stickler, MD


BPC-157 is one of my more favorite peptides, because it has such a powerful impact on gut healing and musculoskeletal healing.

Dr. Drew Timmermans, ND


I highly recommend BPC-157 to anyone who is looking for improved health and performance.


Dr. Nandor Bajusz PhD,



BPC-157 works as well as an oral pill as it does as an injection.


Dr. David Geier

Double-Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Sports Medicine Specialist



Zenon Konopka
Former Professional NHL Player

Jess Falborn

Scott Williams
Professional Tennis Coach

Jesse Kearney
U.S. Army Veteran

More customer feedback...


These peptides are amazing! I try to work out at least six days a week. I have achy wrists and back which is usually a part of my daily life. Two weeks into taking the peptides all of that subsided!! To top it off, I broke one of my toes recently which was hindering me from taking one of my workout classes. My toe was swollen and bruised and I could barely put pressure on it. Four days later I had almost forgotten my toe was broken because the pain and inflammation had subsided a GREAT deal and I was able to get through my workout class. Recovery is apparently what these peptides are known to help with as well. I have no doubt the peptides were aiding in my healing. Overall I feel great and have more energy and I feel like I have less inflammation in my body. I highly recommend this product!

Kellie F


My chronic knee pain is basically gone!  This pain was severely limiting my daily activities and preventing me from being active. I started taking this  BPC-157 and I couldn't be happier with the results…I now experience less pain and discomfort during movement and have even started running again. I highly recommend this peptide to anyone suffering from similar issues.

Dagmara R


These peptides are unbelievable, I injured myself and could not walk without pain in my knee. I felt a huge difference after just 2 days. I did some more research and I will definitely implement these to my regular supplements daily. Winner!

Mikey M


I have been taking supplements practically my whole life and I usually take them because they’re good for me but I never feel any different. This is the first time that I actually felt a real noticeable difference. About 10 days after taking the peptides I am pain free and noticed a huge improvement with focus and concentration. Your peptides are unbelievable!!!

Ryan B


I have been taking the peptides for about 3 weeks now. I first noticed a difference with my joint pain after a week but thought it was just my imagination. Now I know it’s not and this stuff actually works so I had to post a review. I have not felt this good in years. Thank you Dr. Tavolacci.

Anthony D


Being on the road full time as a musician really takes a toll on my energy and I can always count on lower back pain from carrying the guitar through airports, long days in heels, getting less sleep & playing every night—but since I’ve been regularly taking these peptides, the chronic pain I’ve had on the road went down to nothing. I’ve tried everything over the years…yoga, turmeric supplements and every other ‘anti inflammatory’ supplement out there and nothing made a difference or put a dent in my pain like these peptides. I’m so grateful I found them and they’ll always be a part of my daily regimen on the road. It’s been a game changer to feel such major relief. Thank you to Tavo Health for making such an incredible, effective option available. I’ll always have this with me from now on. Thanks again!!

Jamie F


I’ve been suffering from a herniated disc for months and was desperate for relief. A friend suggested trying BPC-157 and I'm so glad I did. After just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and a huge improvement in my range of motion.  All the activities that caused pain before are now pain free. This peptide has been a game changer!

Joe C


Thank you. Thank you. I have had leg pain for over a year and an half and have tried everything short of a knee replacement. Even did Gene therapy with little results. While I was very skeptical about Peptide, this product is incredible. Takes about 7 to 10 days to see results but then it really makes a difference. Thank you and Thank you again

Matt S


I own a deli in West Palm Beach FL and I am on my feet all day. I have had chronic pain in my right foot and my lower back for ever now. Since trying Tavo peptides I have never felt better, no word of a lie I felt a difference in 10 days. I have been taking the peptides for 3 weeks and I still have a little discomfort in my foot which is improving daily but my back is completely pain free. THANK YOU!

Paul W


I developed tennis elbow recently and had to stop playing all together. I tried various treatments, but nothing provided long-lasting relief until I tried this BPC157. This peptide is simply amazing! Within weeks my pain and inflammation started going away and hasn’t returned. I started getting back into tennis and I’m still feeling great. Awesome awesome product!



Excellent quality product. I have noticed a huge improvement in my health. Working out was getting harder on my joints which caused pain but since taking them I’m pain free and as a bonus I’m less bloated as they have improved my gut health as well. I highly recommend these peptides they are a game changer!

Sabrina D

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Embrace the transformative capabilities of BPC-157 and TB4-FRAG peptide and unlock the full potential of your body's healing mechanisms.

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